Locks For Love – The Day I Donated My Hair

What's For Dinner?

Cancer – It has impacted every one of us in some way shape or form.  I would bet that you personally know at least one person, if not more, that have taken on this personal battle.

I consider myself lucky, thus far, not to have had this terrible disease; but I know oh so many that have. (including my Dad)

For so many years now, I have always wanted to donate my hair to make wigs for those who lose theirs because of the treatments they have had to go through.  I have wondered, what would it be like to lose all your hair?

Well, today, I – sort of – found out.  Today I had 10 inches of hair cut off to donate to Locks For Love.  Locks For Love makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments.

 wpid-IMAG1892.jpgPre-cut picture.  It looks Like…

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I’m Still Here – and still Decluttering!

I know I have been noticably absent from my blog for the past couple of months.  Why?  Well, the clutter got the best of me.

I my exuberance to declutter closets, cabinets, dressers, etc. I ended up with a dining room overflowing with none other than… CLUTTER!  UGH!  To complicate matters, I was also holding onto a bunch of things to include in a yard/garage sale that was postponed a couple of times.  At least I had put the stuff in boxes and stacked them in a corner, but I still have a LOT of knick-knack items sitting on my buffet in the dining room  Why, one would certainly ask…. Well, I got “bit” by the Ebay bugs some time ago, and have been posting things for sale there (as was my intent at the beginning of this blog – post items I think would sell for 30 days and if they don’t off to the second hand shop).

Well, it seems that not very many people were interested in purchasing things on ebay during the second quarter of the year.  I have several friends who are also Ebay sellers, and they, too, noticed that there didn’t seem to be many buyers out there.

Plus – I had a couple of trips out of town planned, and do not post items for sale while I am out of town (I have a 1 day shipping policy).

Lastly, the maximum “free” posting items per month on Ebay is 50 (unless you get a special offer to post for free for a designated period by Ebay).  So, I tend to only list up to 50 items (this includes repeat listings) a month.  Oh, and I can only list them for a maximum of 7 days.  Thus, it is taking longer to get my stuff posted on Ebay.

June was a good month, though !  I sold 4 items for over $100 in total receipts!  PLUS, I did really well selling my stuff at the yard sale.  🙂

So, that is my excuse, and I am sticking to it!

Fast forward to post July 4th holiday trip.  While I was out, my pups were not happy when the fireworks started going off.  My petsitter gave them benedryl, and “stress free calmplex”, but they still were NOT HAPPY at all with the booms going off.  As a result, they chewed up a wall (yes, a WALL).  I will post pictures in my next blogpost of the damage, and the subsequent repairs that I did.  Can’t even tell there was a hole in the wall… well, except for the fact that there is no wallpaper on the wall.  But that’s okay – I have been wanting to refinish my kitchen walls anyway, with a plaster treatment (sort of like venetian plastering).

Stay tooned!


The View From My Office

Wish the inside of my house was as neat as the garden view from this window.  🙂

DSCN4066 DSCN4067

Weekly Photo Challenge – Change (Garden A-New)

DSCN4064It seems to be the never ending garden project…  Can’t tell you how many bags of mulch I have put down so far, and I’m only about 1/2 way done with prepping the garden for the summer.  Weekend plans include pulling all those river rocks out from the edge along with the stepping stones; cleaning out the little sprouts that have started from the tree seeds; putting down corn gluten (pre-emergent) to stop any others from coming up; and finally putting down mulch.


A glimpse at some of the finished work.

I have a “plan” for those extra rocks…

It will be great once this project is finally done, then maybe the weather will warm up enough to enjoy that pool I have in the background…though my dogs already have been enjoying it on the warm sunny days.  🙂

Happy Weekend!

Guest Room Closet – Scarves and Gloves

Back from a trip to New Orleans to watch my fearless Notre Dame Fighting Irish Women’s Basketball team in the “Final Four”. It was a tough game, but I’m proud of those girls!

Back to my decluttering project (and then fixing that darn french drain the dogs pulled out this afternoon – thank you geckos…)

Anyway – Today, with temps in the 80’s, but expected to be in the mid-40’s by tomorrow/Thursday I decided to tackle this box in the guest bedroom closet


What’s really in that box anyway?

Filled with winter gloves, both “utilitarian” and “dress gloves”, some scarves and headbands…

I refolded the scarves (there were just a couple) and put them on the “scarf shelf”, then re-organized the box of gloves, checking for any that had tears or were worn out.


Nice and neat!

Instead of putting these back on the top shelf, I put it on a lower side shelf where it will be easy to get to and I won’t be inclined to just throw the gloves up in the general direction of the box…


Tucked away in it’s new place for the summer.

Now to go fix that darn French drain…


Weekly Photo Challenge – Color (of Geckos)

I’ve been working in the garden a lot lately, and around my house we have a large population of geckos. When this challenge came up I headed out the door with the intention of getting some great pictures of blue bonnets in a yard around the block. As I walked out the door a brown gecko ran across my path, and I though to myself – “Darn, if he were only green”, why? because when they are green they are vibrant green. Something prompted me to turn around when I headed down my drive and, low and behold! A green gecko!

DSCN4036But he didn’t stay bright green for long…

DSCN4037Must have known I was eyeing him…as he changed to the drab color of the shingles of the house.


Guest Room Closet – Part I

Back to decluttering now that I have the french drain finished.  Finalized that project just in time for a major storm and several smaller storms to pass through my area.



My guest room closet is rather small.  That said, I sure can pack it in there!

I worked on the shelves and floor area on one side of the closet last night.



What’s in that pile?  More bedsheets, a couple scarves, a hat and some gloves, a table cloth for patio table, and a stack of family pictures I never got around to putting up.  I also had a lot of other pictures on the floor below this shelf.


Now to decide where and how to display my family pictures! Good thing my friend Lisa from Taylor TX will be coming to Houston in the near future – she is a great decorator, and will certainly take on the challenge with me in hanging these in a beautiful display.

DSCN4029This is my “collection” of bedsheets – yes, there are a couple unopened packages there! (YIKES).  Actually, they are twin bed flat sheets and my intention on buying them was to use them to make a duvet cover or maybe an outdoor blanket that could be used as a beach blanket, etc.   All these will be put in a garage sale I am going to participate in with a neighbor and her daughter.  I hear they are very popular GS items.  🙂


The rest of the closet that I will be tackling in the days to come… Amazing how many winter coats I have for a person living in the south, isn’t it.  🙂

After pictures of the shelves.