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Day 24 – semi-pantry cabinet

I really do not like this cabinet much at all.  It is so difficult to get to because it is in the corner over the counter top.  I feel like I have to climb on top of the counter top to get to stuff in there.






Much better!  Got rid of several empty containers (salt grinder, salad dressing bottle, etc) off to the church resale shop for them.  I also ditched several bottles of old stuff – vinegar, shrimp boil, stuff like that.  A few items are being re-located to the real pantry (like the bottle of vanilla) that I use on a regular basis, and those little bottles of cookie sprinkles, will definitely use those in the near future.

One thing I didn’t do (yet) it put down the cabinet liner, I will do that this weekend (since I have three whole roles of the stuff sitting in – yes – a utility cabinet).


Day 13 liquor cabinet continued


Cleaned out, reorganized and looking much better!

Ok.  You got me.  I didn’t get rid of all the serving dishes that were tucked in the back of this cabinet.  I did cull them by 4, though; and rearranged the cabinet so what I kept is easily accessable.  I also got rid of a large yellow thermas that I used to use a lot a long time ago, but honestly have.to say, I don’t think I have used it even once since moving to Houston. 

I also want to put in those pullouts for cabinets to make it easier to get to things in the back.  But first things first, need to cleanse the house.  Keep focused, and complete this 365 day cleansing.

Day 13 – cabinet #2 – Liquor cabinet

What a mess!


I am embarrassed to post these before pictures;  though I have to admit that doing so is VERY motivating to clean and better organize my home.  You cannot see them in this picture ( they are hidden behind the bottles) but there are some serving dishes in there…way in the back on the bottom.  I’m certain most, if not all of those will go on ebay or be donated.  They are all very nice, but due to their location, I don’t think I have used them in many years. 

I’ll be back later with an update this afternoon… For now, off to church.  Happy Sunday everyone!