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Day 25 – Coffee Cups, Drinking Cups, Wine Glasses…And More!

Ta Da!


My “collection” of coffee cups/mugs, drinking glasses, crystal stemware (top shelf), travel mugs, shot glasses, juice glasses… (and one honey pot on the top shelf, a bit out of place…) well, you get the idea…

Looks nice and organized, huh. 🙂

I haven’t done anything to these (yes, I am counting it as two!) cabinets, YET.  Yes, I do a pretty good job, if I say so myself, in keeping my CUPboard in order; but seriously, does one really NEED all those cups??  Probably not, and so, I will be going through these cupboards today and tomorrow to cull a lot of cups and glasses.  The stemware stays, that is my fancy stuff, and while I don’t use them much, I do use them on occasion.

What will most likely go?  A bunch of the coffee mugs that are “give aways” from companies I have done work for in the past.  Some of the travel mugs that I don’t use at all – I seem to have a couple of favorites.  A bunch of cheap cocktail glasses that I really don’t like much and don’t use, either…

Stay tuned!


Day 21 Continued…

Well, I didn’t get to all 4 drawers.  I had a feeling I “bit off more than I could chew” today.   Realization of this was when I dropped one of the small drawers (empty, thank goodness!) and it broke into 5 pieces.  What a MESS!  Bottom, sides, front, back.  UGH!!  After some trial and error, and then settling down and giving it some appropriate thought, I found some small nails in the garage, got out the Elmers all purpose glue, and went about rebuilding the drawer, one piece at a time, leaving them so the glue would dry and adhere before moving on to the next piece.  Whew!  I thought I was going to have to make a trip to Home Depot or Lowes in search of a replacement!

Here are the two cleansed drawers I finished today



I didn’t get any dividers for these drawers (yet), but I did paint the bottoms; and put the non-skid drawer liner stuff in them so at least everything will stay in one place when the drawers are opened/closed.

I also got rid of quite a bit of old stuff that I had in these drawers that I don’t use.  Some things were put into other drawers.  I found more kitchen knives (besides the pairing knives in the drawer above), I only kept 3 of them, and put them in the silverware drawer, nice a neat.  🙂

Tomorrow I plan to tackle one of the larger drawers with the last one is “scheduled” for cleansing on Wednesday.

Day 21 – How Many Kitchen Gadgets Does One Need?

I work with the stock market, and since it is closed today, I plan on spending my day decluttering a few kitchen drawers and starting (and hopefully finishing) several sewing projects for donations to our church’s support of pregnant women in need; after watching the president’s second inauguration.

But I digress – I apparently need a minimum of 4 drawers worth of kitchen gadgets, plus a separate counter-top vase full of wooden spoons, spatulas, and ladles…

I will qualify the 4 drawer minimum with the fact that 2 of the drawers are “small”; the same size as the pencil and junk drawer in the last two posts.  I am wondering if I could renovate these two drawers – cut the divider piece in-between them and make it one BIG drawer – that would also add another 3 – 4″ of drawer space.

I also need to come up with a better organization plan for these drawers – a custom divider possibly, to keep like items together and stop all the stuff from sliding around in the drawer every time they are opened and closed.

Here are the before pictures:


This drawer contains mostly things for chopping, grating, slicing; along with therastats, and a few other miscellaneous gadgets


Primarily my “baking gadget” drawer, measuring spoons, cups, whisks, a pineapple cutter, potato masher, lemon/lime juicer, small sieve, several funnels, a large infuser ball are amont the items in this drawer. I really try hard to keep this one as organized as possible.


spatulas, pairing knives, peelers, hide in this drawer


Lots of miscellaneous gadgets in this drawer, an herb chopper, ice cream scoop and wooden potato masher (those were my grandmothers), pastry brushes, manual can openers, kitchen scissors and more…

Time to watch President Obama’s second inauguration, then back to cleansing these drawers – look for the update later today.

Days 19 The “Pencil Drawer”

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but I did do a bit of cleansing – The Pencil Drawer.  Do you have one?  You know, the drawer in your office, or in your kitchen where every writing utensil ends up. Cleaning out your purse and have a bunch of pens?  Into the pencil drawer they go.

This is what mine looked like before yesterday


Well, there is a lot more than just pencils in there… what is that paintbrush doing in there??  And the ziploc bag? It is full of pens, and was one of my previous attempts at organizing this drawer.  as you can see, apparently I have some sort of subconsious fetish for pens and pencils…

Here is an idea of how many pens and pencils were in that drawer


Here is a better look at all the other stuff that was in that drawer…. How in the world did I fit all this stuff in there, you ask?  Well apparently it is some sort of magic drawer – you know, like those clown cars… It was like a bottomless drawer… Missing from this picture is 4 – 5 headsets from Continental as well.


This is how it looks now


I allowed myself 10 – 12 pens/pencils for this drawer and put them in the box, so they don’t roll all over the drawer.  I am sure there will be a couple other things that end up in this drawer, but at least I will be keeping it organized and uncluttered.

As for that paintbrush, into the garage and into my paint supply box it went. Much of the other stuff from this drawer either ended up in the trash (old lipstick), in the bathroom vanity where it belongs (makeup I kept), in the donation pile (headsets), or in a box to be taken to the recycle location (electonic items).

I still have the box full of pens and pencils.  Going to spend an evening checking them to see which of the pens still work, and then donate them to a worthy non-proft.

Day 15 – YES, The Microwave is GONE!

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post here.  It was a busy day.  Work 8 – 3, cleansing another kitchen counter top, 3 – 6 (which included a trip to the hardware store to pick up caulk for the kitchen counters), re-caulking all around the counter that I cleaned the last couple of days, and then re-caulking the third counter top area that I cleaned up yesterday; then off to dinner with friends that were in town from New York, New York.




Yes, the microwave is GONE!  About a month and a half ago, thanks to the inspiration of my friend Pai, I decided to see if I could cook without the use of my microwave oven (which happens to be from the 80’s – my first microwave my parents purchased for me when I had my first appartment).  It still works really well, actually, but after reading how microwaving food alters its molecular structure, I decided to see if I could really live without it.  You know what – I can!  Of course, I will miss the microwave popcorn, but I know how to make it on the stove top with a covered pot, so all is good.  🙂

I am also really excited to FINALLY have my key holder hanging on the wall!  It only took 15 years… The holder was a gift from a friend at my old employer Liberty Mutual, she gave it to me as a house-warming gift, but the eye on the back to hang it on the wall fell off.  Yesterday I finally got it replaced.  🙂


No more keys laying who-knows-where around the house… as long as I get in the habit of actually hanging them where they belong!

Day 10 – Moving on to the Kitchen

Well, first I tackled a small drawer of a writing desk I have on the family room.



I also tackled six small drawers in the kitchen.

2 “junk”drawers
1 pot holder drawer
1 kitchen wraps drawer
1candles and flash light drawer
1 apron drawer

What I got rid of… 1 pot holder, a bunch of crumpled foil and scraps of parchment paper, old batteries, and a lot of “junk” from the junk drawers.  🙂

Tomorrow I plan to tackle the silverware drawer that has a lot more than just silverware in it.  🙂

After picture of the junk drawers


Day 9 -Utility Closet

Today was an easy ” clear the clutter” day.  I have a very small closet, sort of like a coat closet, that I use more as a utility closet.  I put my vacuums, ironing board and other such items in there. 

I also had a hanging luggage bag, one small overnight luggage piece, a marble chess set (board and pieces I bought in Mexico my senior year in high school) and a wooden chess board my brother Tim made me one year in his wood working class.  I also found a couple of surge protectors, some paper vacuum bags, and a couple of magnetic curtain rods.

What is going to Goodwill?  The luggage, vacuum bags ( my current vacuum is a bagless model) marble chess set.  I may hold on to the marble chess board and use it as a cutting board on the kitchen…but then, I haven’t started cleansing the kitchen yet…