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Guest Room Closet – Scarves and Gloves

Back from a trip to New Orleans to watch my fearless Notre Dame Fighting Irish Women’s Basketball team in the “Final Four”. It was a tough game, but I’m proud of those girls!

Back to my decluttering project (and then fixing that darn french drain the dogs pulled out this afternoon – thank you geckos…)

Anyway – Today, with temps in the 80’s, but expected to be in the mid-40’s by tomorrow/Thursday I decided to tackle this box in the guest bedroom closet


What’s really in that box anyway?

Filled with winter gloves, both “utilitarian” and “dress gloves”, some scarves and headbands…

I refolded the scarves (there were just a couple) and put them on the “scarf shelf”, then re-organized the box of gloves, checking for any that had tears or were worn out.


Nice and neat!

Instead of putting these back on the top shelf, I put it on a lower side shelf where it will be easy to get to and I won’t be inclined to just throw the gloves up in the general direction of the box…


Tucked away in it’s new place for the summer.

Now to go fix that darn French drain…



Guest Room Closet – Part I

Back to decluttering now that I have the french drain finished.  Finalized that project just in time for a major storm and several smaller storms to pass through my area.



My guest room closet is rather small.  That said, I sure can pack it in there!

I worked on the shelves and floor area on one side of the closet last night.



What’s in that pile?  More bedsheets, a couple scarves, a hat and some gloves, a table cloth for patio table, and a stack of family pictures I never got around to putting up.  I also had a lot of other pictures on the floor below this shelf.


Now to decide where and how to display my family pictures! Good thing my friend Lisa from Taylor TX will be coming to Houston in the near future – she is a great decorator, and will certainly take on the challenge with me in hanging these in a beautiful display.

DSCN4029This is my “collection” of bedsheets – yes, there are a couple unopened packages there! (YIKES).  Actually, they are twin bed flat sheets and my intention on buying them was to use them to make a duvet cover or maybe an outdoor blanket that could be used as a beach blanket, etc.   All these will be put in a garage sale I am going to participate in with a neighbor and her daughter.  I hear they are very popular GS items.  🙂


The rest of the closet that I will be tackling in the days to come… Amazing how many winter coats I have for a person living in the south, isn’t it.  🙂

After pictures of the shelves.


More Guest Room Cleaning

Back to the guest bedroom and the bottom part of the china cabinet





What was in there ?  Well, the box on the top shelf was filled with miscellaneous sewing stuff.  The material items – table clothes.  I will go through all this and decide what to do with it, and of course, re-organize what I keep.

The box on the bottom – old costume jewelry.  That will be sorted through and put up for sale on ebay/craigslist or in an upcoming garage sale.  What doesn’t sell will be donated. 🙂

Pictures?  Yes, a few pictures – a couple of my nieces when they were really little, and a couple of art pieces that I need to decide if I want to keep (and if so, where to display them).

Celebrities on the Declutter Bandwagon!

Who knew I would start a national declutter craze!  Ok, so I probably didn’t really START the national craze, but it seems many celebrities have jumped on this bandwagoin with me!

It appears I am in very good company when it comes to clutter!

I picked up a Women’s Day magazine the other day because an article on clutter caught my eye – low and behold Katie Couric has a clutter problem too!  She has had the hoarding problem for a very long time; and is way worse than me – evidenced by her hiding dirty dishes in the trunk of her car when getting her home ready for a party!  (THANK YOU MOM! for teaching me that dirty dishes should be washed right after the meal! SO… Katie is hopping on the declutter bandwagon (following my lead, of course – HA!) http://www.katiecouric.com/on-the-show/2013/02/25/katie-comes-clean-can-she-de-clutter-her-life/


THEN… This morning I was getting ready to check out at the grocery store and what do I see??  OPRAH’s O magazine with DECLUTTER in big bold letters across the cover!  http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-Oprah-Learned-to-Declutter

This makes me feel a bit better about my clutter problem – plus the fact that I can tackle it on my own, without paying booku bucks to someone else to do it for me (because when you do that, well, you just go out and buy more stuff to fill the empty spaces these other people have created in your home).  🙂


China Cabinet Drawer

Anyone in need of some cable?

DSCN3929This stuff has been residing in this drawer for at least 15 years (since I moved here).  Time to get rid of it and off to the recycle it goes!  The wine bottle toppers will be placed on ebay, and the rest of the stuff – old, old papers – into the recycle bin they go!

DSCN3932Mmmm, what to do with this empty drawer?

DSCN3935Color coded ribbon storage drawer!  🙂  This ribbon was in a large plastic storage container that is now being used for (wait for it….) – Christmas decoration storage!

Gma’s China Cabinet Shelf II

So, here is what happened with the second shelf in Grandma’s china cabinet –





Yes, there is now a THIRD shelf in Grandma’s china cabinet!  It has two shelf inserts, but I only had one in there before – because of that huge box, which is now gone.  🙂  I have yet to decide what will go on the second shelf.

I actually put another item on that bottom shelf


That christmas decoration given to me by my parents on one of their visits to see me was in its original box on the floor in a corner in the guest room.  Looks much better where it is!

On to the Guest Room – Day 64

Time to move on to the guest room – the last room “in the house” for cleansing before moving on to the garage, the back patio, and, of course, the attic.

Today I focused on the top of the china cabinet I have in the guest room.