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More Cluttered than Ever…

Well, around late August, early September, I fell off my “clutter free house” bandwagon.  It didn’t seem like much of a problem at the time.  The house (and all the storage spaces) were relatively uncluttered.  I’m not sure what happened over the past couple of months, but, oh do I have a problem!  My kitchen counter is full of stuff, my kitchen table is piled with old photos that I decided to go through and sort, now I need to find a place to store them, in some sort of order that I have them sorted.  My dining room has become my sewing room.  Needless to say there are little fabric and thread scraps all over the rug in there (I do try to pick them up ever couple of days), sewing maching on the table, notion boxes out (because the minute I put one away, I pull it back out looking for something)… I really need to get my “How to Conquor Clutter” book back out and re-read it, well, what I really need to do is get back on my de-clutter the house bandwagon, and work on these things a little bit every day.  I know in no time, the house will be back to being clutter-free.  🙂


Room for Guests!

My Guest bedroom now has room for guests!

This is what the bed has been looking like since before christmas

(yes, it was my “staging” area for making presents)…and it just kept looking that way, until yesterday.

Now it looks like this!

Sheets and duvet cover laundered and freshened up.  I just may have to sleep in here, since it seems Roxy wants to take over the bed in the master bedroom.

Grandma’s Shovel

Remember this from my rusty tool post?


It now looks like this after a good soak in the vinegar/water mixture and a bit of mineral oil.  I did have to soak this shovel for a couple of days, it was so rusty.  I probably should have sanded it a little bit before soaking it, that may have helped to remove the rust faster.

DSCN3966 DSCN3967

Almost like new!

The bucket I had this in wasn’t deep enough to get the neck of the shovel, so I just sanded it down.  In the future I will get this into a deeper bucket to clean up the rest of the rust on the neck.

Ebay or CraigsList?

I have been posting things for sale on Ebay for a while, with mixed success.  I can’t complain, Ebay has been “generous” in special opportunities to list items for free with no item limit (though I still have a monthly $ limit that I can list – so far this hasn’t been a problem at all).

I also have a Craigslist account.  I had listed a set of candles on it a LONG LONG time ago, and never did anything else on there.

Craigslist is free, unless you are selling services, or listing a job posting.  Ebay has a fee to list (though if you list as auction style you get up to 50 free a month), if the item sells, they take a fee off the top.  You also have to set up a paypal account to receive payment, and of course, paypal hits you for another fee.  In total you end up paying about 5% to Ebay/Paypal (paypal is owned by Ebay).  Paypal also takes a fee on the shipping cost you charge, Ebay does not.

Pros and Cons?

Ebay audience is huge. Craigslist is local only (but then Houston is 4 million+ population)

Ebay charges fees, craigslist does not

Ebay/Paypal ensures payment received before you have to ship the item sold. Craigslist has no payment option, but I would insist on payment in CASH only, no checks, no credit cards, etc.  I suppose you could use your paypal account to accept someone’s payment for an item on craigslist – if I recall correctly, you can get one of those smartphone attachments as a credit card machine, but there you are again, paying paypal, when getting cash is just easier.

Ebay has an integrated email system.  Craigslist uses a forwarding email address to you and people have to email you. You also need to check your spam in case an email from a craigslist buyer shows up there.

People can buy your item right on ebay. Craigslist requires them to email you and you need to finalize the transaction on your own (not necessarily a bad thing, but you have to have the time to do so).

I also have a number of items that are heavy or rather large, so shipping costs would be too much (who is going to pay $5 for something and $25 in shipping costs?) from my perspective to post those items for sale on Ebay, they will go on CraigsList.

So, I have decided to use both – Ebay for smaller not very heavy items that are probably of more interest to a unique audience that I am more likely to find on Ebay.  Craigslist will be used for larger items that I feel shipping is just too expensive and the item is more widely available anywhere (such as flower vases).

Do you use either of these?  Which do you prefer?  Is there another “sale site” out there that anyone uses?  (Etsy?  – well that seems to be for people who make things to sell, not for selling used items you don’t want/use anymore).

Celebrities on the Declutter Bandwagon!

Who knew I would start a national declutter craze!  Ok, so I probably didn’t really START the national craze, but it seems many celebrities have jumped on this bandwagoin with me!

It appears I am in very good company when it comes to clutter!

I picked up a Women’s Day magazine the other day because an article on clutter caught my eye – low and behold Katie Couric has a clutter problem too!  She has had the hoarding problem for a very long time; and is way worse than me – evidenced by her hiding dirty dishes in the trunk of her car when getting her home ready for a party!  (THANK YOU MOM! for teaching me that dirty dishes should be washed right after the meal! SO… Katie is hopping on the declutter bandwagon (following my lead, of course – HA!) http://www.katiecouric.com/on-the-show/2013/02/25/katie-comes-clean-can-she-de-clutter-her-life/


THEN… This morning I was getting ready to check out at the grocery store and what do I see??  OPRAH’s O magazine with DECLUTTER in big bold letters across the cover!  http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-Oprah-Learned-to-Declutter

This makes me feel a bit better about my clutter problem – plus the fact that I can tackle it on my own, without paying booku bucks to someone else to do it for me (because when you do that, well, you just go out and buy more stuff to fill the empty spaces these other people have created in your home).  🙂


China Cabinet Drawer

Anyone in need of some cable?

DSCN3929This stuff has been residing in this drawer for at least 15 years (since I moved here).  Time to get rid of it and off to the recycle it goes!  The wine bottle toppers will be placed on ebay, and the rest of the stuff – old, old papers – into the recycle bin they go!

DSCN3932Mmmm, what to do with this empty drawer?

DSCN3935Color coded ribbon storage drawer!  🙂  This ribbon was in a large plastic storage container that is now being used for (wait for it….) – Christmas decoration storage!

Definition of Junk

Junk – It’s a relative term. Mark everything you think is junk then give the list to someone else and see if they agree…


  • Antique dental equipment
  • College essays and notes
  • baby clothes (your kids are grown)
  • broken radio from 1954
  • broken “anniversary” clock from 1950’s
  • high school letter sweater
  • Collection of National Geographic
  • Rock collection
  • Sticker Collection
  • Bobbing plastic hula girl from hawaii
  • Size 8 evening gown  (you are a size 12)
  • Tin box full of keys (for what?)
  • Ripped jeans
  • Stationary printed with outdated address
  • Old telephone
  • Dried-up paint
  • Wooden paddle from your fraternity
  • Broken/old VCR or DVD player
  • Broken TIVO
  • PingPong table with 3 legs
  • Old sewing machine from 1950’s

If you think your stuff is NOT junk, you have 3 options:  use it, lose it (donation), store it.