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Day 24 – semi-pantry cabinet

I really do not like this cabinet much at all.  It is so difficult to get to because it is in the corner over the counter top.  I feel like I have to climb on top of the counter top to get to stuff in there.






Much better!  Got rid of several empty containers (salt grinder, salad dressing bottle, etc) off to the church resale shop for them.  I also ditched several bottles of old stuff – vinegar, shrimp boil, stuff like that.  A few items are being re-located to the real pantry (like the bottle of vanilla) that I use on a regular basis, and those little bottles of cookie sprinkles, will definitely use those in the near future.

One thing I didn’t do (yet) it put down the cabinet liner, I will do that this weekend (since I have three whole roles of the stuff sitting in – yes – a utility cabinet).


Day 23 – Gadget Drawer 4…

I left this one for last (of the 4 gadget drawers) for a reason… because I think it is the biggest mess. It also probably has the most items that I will be purging (via ebay or donation) out of the 4 drawers I started cleaning out a couple days ago.



There is a plastic mesh thing you put around bottles in there, several decorative wine bottle cork tops ( I know those will go), cookie sticks, just to name a few of the things I know I will be purging from this drawer.

Some things that I will keep, just need to be put in their proper place like the  cookie/pastry cutters that belong in the cookie cutter tin(s) (more on those later…) and the pastry bags with tips.

Like the rest of the drawers, this one was dinged up inside, so I took the time to paint it before organizing the items going back into the drawer, so it took me a bit longer than originally anticipated, but I am glad that I did it.



The scissors and the garlic press are from a different drawer; yes, I know, 5 pairs of scissors?  yep… 🙂

Day 18 – I Want To Bake!

Today I tackle my “bakeware cabinet”.   Working on this cabinet makes me want to bake a cake (or cupcakes, or cookies, or…).  I will confess upfront, I don’t think I will be getting rid of very much from this cabinet.  (See my other blog at www.eatwhatyouhave.wordpress.com though I have to confess, I haven’t personally posted on it lately, mostly re-blogged some other blogs that I follow.)



I love to cook and bake, so I use everything in this cabinet at one point or another throughout the year.  It just needs a good re-organizing; I’ve been a little neglectful by not putting things back in this cabinet the way they should be.  Rather I open the cabinet, shove it in, and promptly shut the door….hoping nothing falls out.

Am I alone in this terrible habit?  Okay – I don’t do this with all my cabinets, seems mostly just this one.  (maybe one or two others…)

This is definitely another cabinet that could use one of those pull-outs so I can be more organized when returning things to their proper places.


There are a couple things gone from this cabinet. A large box containing a holiday serving platter – that is now stored with my matching holiday dishes; a longenberger basket warming brick for a bread basket – that will take a spin on ebay. My cookie press, which is now in my “small appliance cabinet” that has yet to be cleaned. I make spritz cookies every holiday, so that is definitely a keeper.

Off to make some cupcakes. 🙂