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More Cluttered than Ever…

Well, around late August, early September, I fell off my “clutter free house” bandwagon.  It didn’t seem like much of a problem at the time.  The house (and all the storage spaces) were relatively uncluttered.  I’m not sure what happened over the past couple of months, but, oh do I have a problem!  My kitchen counter is full of stuff, my kitchen table is piled with old photos that I decided to go through and sort, now I need to find a place to store them, in some sort of order that I have them sorted.  My dining room has become my sewing room.  Needless to say there are little fabric and thread scraps all over the rug in there (I do try to pick them up ever couple of days), sewing maching on the table, notion boxes out (because the minute I put one away, I pull it back out looking for something)… I really need to get my “How to Conquor Clutter” book back out and re-read it, well, what I really need to do is get back on my de-clutter the house bandwagon, and work on these things a little bit every day.  I know in no time, the house will be back to being clutter-free.  🙂


On to the Guest Room – Day 64

Time to move on to the guest room – the last room “in the house” for cleansing before moving on to the garage, the back patio, and, of course, the attic.

Today I focused on the top of the china cabinet I have in the guest room.





Professional Chef Wanna-be?

Do you have to have every new-fangled kitchen gadget that Martha Stewart swears by?  How about the gadgets tested on America’s Test Kitchen?

Here’s the quiz to find out if you are a Chef wanna-be (aka kitchen gadget hoarder…)

Do you:

  • Own appliances, gadgets, etc that you never use?
  • Do you have uncounted brown paper (or plastic) grocery bags stuffed into your pantry, squished into every corner of the kitchen?
  • Pots and Pans galore?
  • “Re-purposing” those plastic containers as cabinet art? Enough for a year’s worth of leftovers?
  • More than two sets of dishes?  (okay, okay, I know this one applies to me….)
  • Sets of dishes for a multitude of people, even though you are an average family of 4/5 (or less)?
  • Multitude of the following – can openers, spatulas, cheese graters, peelers?  Other duplicate kitchen utensils?

One caveat – if you have duplicates (triples…) of kitchen gadgets, but you actually USE them, you are EXEMPT from considering them clutter (Yeah ME!)  🙂