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A Look Back At My 365 Declutter Project

It was such a great start!   A good idea,  with very good intentions behind it.   I was doing such a fantastic job… until about mid year.   So what happened?

While I am being rather hard on myself on the declutter end of things; looking back, I really did do quite a bit of decluttering.   I made it through the whole house,  including the garage.   The only area I didn’t declutter (but did reorganize) is the attic – basically all my holiday stuff is up there.

So where did my plans go off track? It was after my trip home. I went over the week of the 4th of July. I mentioned in an earlier post that my pups had tore up a wall in the kitchen. I am sure this was do to anxiety from the fireworks. They were having a really hard night last night with all the new years fireworks going off until 2 a.m. In July they tore up a wall. Laat night I am thankful I was home to comfort them and no damage waa done.

Anyway, that is where my plans got off track. I switched gears from decluttering to renovation work in my kitchen. Tore off wallpaper, plastered the walls and repainted. It took me a good month working on it every evening and weekends as much as possible. Once that was done I never really got back into decluttering much… and then the holidays hit!

So here we are. I am re-committing myself to my declutter project. Most of the house really isn’t in that bad of shape. Certain areas need to be addressed. Kitchen counter tops and table must be decluttered and kept clean. Dining room needs to go back to being a dining room instead of a sewing room with fabric everywhere. Den needs to be addressed as well.

Happy New Year! Let the declutter project re-commence.


Guest Room Closet – Scarves and Gloves

Back from a trip to New Orleans to watch my fearless Notre Dame Fighting Irish Women’s Basketball team in the “Final Four”. It was a tough game, but I’m proud of those girls!

Back to my decluttering project (and then fixing that darn french drain the dogs pulled out this afternoon – thank you geckos…)

Anyway – Today, with temps in the 80’s, but expected to be in the mid-40’s by tomorrow/Thursday I decided to tackle this box in the guest bedroom closet


What’s really in that box anyway?

Filled with winter gloves, both “utilitarian” and “dress gloves”, some scarves and headbands…

I refolded the scarves (there were just a couple) and put them on the “scarf shelf”, then re-organized the box of gloves, checking for any that had tears or were worn out.


Nice and neat!

Instead of putting these back on the top shelf, I put it on a lower side shelf where it will be easy to get to and I won’t be inclined to just throw the gloves up in the general direction of the box…


Tucked away in it’s new place for the summer.

Now to go fix that darn French drain…


Guest Room Closet – Part I

Back to decluttering now that I have the french drain finished.  Finalized that project just in time for a major storm and several smaller storms to pass through my area.



My guest room closet is rather small.  That said, I sure can pack it in there!

I worked on the shelves and floor area on one side of the closet last night.



What’s in that pile?  More bedsheets, a couple scarves, a hat and some gloves, a table cloth for patio table, and a stack of family pictures I never got around to putting up.  I also had a lot of other pictures on the floor below this shelf.


Now to decide where and how to display my family pictures! Good thing my friend Lisa from Taylor TX will be coming to Houston in the near future – she is a great decorator, and will certainly take on the challenge with me in hanging these in a beautiful display.

DSCN4029This is my “collection” of bedsheets – yes, there are a couple unopened packages there! (YIKES).  Actually, they are twin bed flat sheets and my intention on buying them was to use them to make a duvet cover or maybe an outdoor blanket that could be used as a beach blanket, etc.   All these will be put in a garage sale I am going to participate in with a neighbor and her daughter.  I hear they are very popular GS items.  🙂


The rest of the closet that I will be tackling in the days to come… Amazing how many winter coats I have for a person living in the south, isn’t it.  🙂

After pictures of the shelves.


Update on the French Drain

Remember this project?


Well, I finally found the right kind of pipe; decided I needed.to put down some landscaping cloth under additional pebbles so they wouldn’t sink into the dirt like the original ones oh, and get get some more pebbles for the project. I started installation today; this is what o have done so far.

Hope to have this finished up next week. :-). Then back to decluttering the guest bedroom closet. 😦

Room for Guests!

My Guest bedroom now has room for guests!

This is what the bed has been looking like since before christmas

(yes, it was my “staging” area for making presents)…and it just kept looking that way, until yesterday.

Now it looks like this!

Sheets and duvet cover laundered and freshened up.  I just may have to sleep in here, since it seems Roxy wants to take over the bed in the master bedroom.

More Guest Room Cleaning

Back to the guest bedroom and the bottom part of the china cabinet





What was in there ?  Well, the box on the top shelf was filled with miscellaneous sewing stuff.  The material items – table clothes.  I will go through all this and decide what to do with it, and of course, re-organize what I keep.

The box on the bottom – old costume jewelry.  That will be sorted through and put up for sale on ebay/craigslist or in an upcoming garage sale.  What doesn’t sell will be donated. 🙂

Pictures?  Yes, a few pictures – a couple of my nieces when they were really little, and a couple of art pieces that I need to decide if I want to keep (and if so, where to display them).


The weather in Houston last weekend and this past week has been absolutely fabulous during the day, sunny and in the 70’s during the day, chilly at night (40’s); that, along with the “spring forward” in time, leaves a lot of sun in the early evenings.  As a result, I have been distracted.  My neighbors have been planting spring flowers and my front flower beds were a shame – mostly clover and weeds, needing some TLC.

So… while I don’t have “before pictures” this is what I was distracted with this past week, and didn’t get much in the way of decluttering done.

Question – does weeding the garden count as decluttering the flowerbeds?  🙂

DSCN3974 DSCN3975 DSCN3976 DSCN3977 DSCN3978 DSCN3979That’s “Mr. Froggy” on the rock.  My neighbors bring their little children and grandchildren by to visit him.  It is so cute, the kids stop to pet the frog!  Made my day.