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Kitchen Refridgerator Picture Collage

Do you have pictures on your fridge held up my those unsightly advertizing magnets that are sent to you in the mail?

Well, I came up with this ingenious idea (all on my own – no I didn’t find it on Pinterest…)

These are the magnets that I have.


Some of them had those little calendars hanging from the bottom of the (which is actually where I came up with this idea).  I tore those old calendars, that I never even used anyway, off.

Then I took a long piece of clear tape.


Rolled it around my fingers to create a double-sided tape.


Placed the tape on the magnet and laid it out so that it was flat.


and attached the picture.




Pictures on my fridge without those ugly magnets.  Plus you can always tuck other pictures in behind the pictures on the magnets as well, and make a wonderful picture collage on your fridge.

Want to change pictures on your fridge?  No problem, the photos come off the tape easily without ruining the picture.


Professional Chef Wanna-be?

Do you have to have every new-fangled kitchen gadget that Martha Stewart swears by?  How about the gadgets tested on America’s Test Kitchen?

Here’s the quiz to find out if you are a Chef wanna-be (aka kitchen gadget hoarder…)

Do you:

  • Own appliances, gadgets, etc that you never use?
  • Do you have uncounted brown paper (or plastic) grocery bags stuffed into your pantry, squished into every corner of the kitchen?
  • Pots and Pans galore?
  • “Re-purposing” those plastic containers as cabinet art? Enough for a year’s worth of leftovers?
  • More than two sets of dishes?  (okay, okay, I know this one applies to me….)
  • Sets of dishes for a multitude of people, even though you are an average family of 4/5 (or less)?
  • Multitude of the following – can openers, spatulas, cheese graters, peelers?  Other duplicate kitchen utensils?

One caveat – if you have duplicates (triples…) of kitchen gadgets, but you actually USE them, you are EXEMPT from considering them clutter (Yeah ME!)  🙂

30 – Spices Anyone?

I decided to tackle that spice rack today.   It actually is in pretty good shape.  Call me obsessive/compulsive, but I keep it in alphabetical order (pretty much); since I cook/bake a lot, I use most of the spices I have a lot as well.  That said, I know I have a couple items that I hardly, if ever, use.  Those will go.

Before: DSCN3837



Look any different?  Yeah, I know… not really. BUT – it is all re-alphabetized, I did get rid of a few old spices and put some spices I bought at the farmers market in bottles from plastic baggies.

Then… since I was on such a productive streak, decided to clean another shelf in the pantry… but quickly realized, if I was going to clean one, I was going to have to clean them all.  Why?  Well, because so much wasn’t even on the right shelf (yes, baking items have a baking shelf, etc.).  I jumped in so fast on this one that I didn’t get a before picture.



I did get rid of some stuff from the pantry.  Especially the things that were tucked way in the corners, and not used in so long they had WAY expired! (Yikes!)

Day 29 – The Pantry – Shelf #1

The pantry is bound to take me more than just one day to get through.

I have a full door spice rack on the inside of the door,


5 shelves, and to make matters difficult, the door is narrow, so getting to the stuff on either side on the shelves is, well, a pain in the behind. 🙂

Today’s project – the top shelf.


DSCN3840 DSCN3838

What is up there?  I was surprised (a bit) to realized I had mason jars of potpourri and christmas mulling spices.  The potpourri will go to the re-sale shop.  The mulling spices will be tossed, jars washed and sent to the re-sale shop as well.  Three boxes of my Christmas china that will be re-located to a proper place with the rest of the china.  Balsamic vinegar (forgot I had that bottle…) Raspberry wine sauce and chocolate wine sauce;  I also have a LARGE bottle of homemade vanilla extract (yes, I make my own – and it is WONDERFUL! – I will never go back to the store-bought stuff). Bottles of rum and brandy (moving to the liquor cabinet), as well as about 10 bottles of wine round out the contents of that shelf.

I have my work cut out for me today…



Day 27 – Happy Birthday Sahara!

Today is my great-niece’s first birthday!

We do not live in the same town, so I wasn’t able to see her. in fact, I haven’t met her yet, though I was really hoping to have done so a long time ago. But I digress.

So… today I tackled the top of the refrigerator. Who else out there uses that spot as extra storage space??

I also have a double cabinet above the fridge that was holding these



Now, of course, since the top of the fridge looked like this…

Would you move all that stuff to get to those cabinets up there?  Me either…

I pretty much “never” got into the cabinets up there to use any of those vases… 14 of them in total… I will keep a couple of them, but I would say 11 – 12 of them on their way to the re-sale shop. No, I’m not posting them on ebay, they are too big, and since they are glass would have to be packed up very well to ship to an ebay buyer – the cost of the shipping would far exceed the value of these lovely items. So straight to the donation center they go.

I also culled several books from the “book basket” (more on my cookbooks in a few days…) and straightened that thing up as well. While it will go back on top of the fridge, I actually do use the cookbooks from up there.



Yes, my fridge is a collage of family pictures.

Day 24 – semi-pantry cabinet

I really do not like this cabinet much at all.  It is so difficult to get to because it is in the corner over the counter top.  I feel like I have to climb on top of the counter top to get to stuff in there.






Much better!  Got rid of several empty containers (salt grinder, salad dressing bottle, etc) off to the church resale shop for them.  I also ditched several bottles of old stuff – vinegar, shrimp boil, stuff like that.  A few items are being re-located to the real pantry (like the bottle of vanilla) that I use on a regular basis, and those little bottles of cookie sprinkles, will definitely use those in the near future.

One thing I didn’t do (yet) it put down the cabinet liner, I will do that this weekend (since I have three whole roles of the stuff sitting in – yes – a utility cabinet).

Day 23 – Gadget Drawer 4…

I left this one for last (of the 4 gadget drawers) for a reason… because I think it is the biggest mess. It also probably has the most items that I will be purging (via ebay or donation) out of the 4 drawers I started cleaning out a couple days ago.



There is a plastic mesh thing you put around bottles in there, several decorative wine bottle cork tops ( I know those will go), cookie sticks, just to name a few of the things I know I will be purging from this drawer.

Some things that I will keep, just need to be put in their proper place like the  cookie/pastry cutters that belong in the cookie cutter tin(s) (more on those later…) and the pastry bags with tips.

Like the rest of the drawers, this one was dinged up inside, so I took the time to paint it before organizing the items going back into the drawer, so it took me a bit longer than originally anticipated, but I am glad that I did it.



The scissors and the garlic press are from a different drawer; yes, I know, 5 pairs of scissors?  yep… 🙂