Do you ever feel like you are constantly inundated by the “repurposing” craze of the 21st century?  I sure am!  Every time I am ready to throw something out – I feel a tug and guilt at not finding an alternative use for it.  Many times, (but thankfully, not always – Okay – almost always…), I find myself tucking the item back where it was, and thinking to myself “I will find another use for that in the near future”.  YEARS go by and, well, those darn items are STILL sitting the in same place they were before!

On December 30th, I started cleaning out my closet (a bi-annual event when I was growing up) that I have not done in a very, very  long time (my mother would be embarrassed).  I came across a stack of sewing material that I have had since I moved to Houston (yes, 15 years ago).  The movers who unpacked my stuff, shoved it on a shelf in the back of my closet, and I never got around to doing anything with it!  Well… That got me thinking about all the things that I am sure to have tucked away in my home that I haven’t used in many, many years.  From clothes, to gadgets I just had to have, to blankets, and bed sheets (though I am proud to say I “donated” 4 sheets to my neighbor’s daughter who used them to make angel outfits for their church’s Christmas pageant! 🙂  )

Hi, I am Cathy, and I am a “repurposer” wanna-be, but not gonna-be.  I have to admit it to myself – I will hardly EVER repurpose things.  That said – I am very good at making donations to the local Goodwill and a church’s second-hand shop; only because they are so conveniently located within a couple miles of my house.  A Goodwill drop-off store front is literally 1/2 mile way!  I go by it almost every time I leave my neighborhood.

So won’t you join me on my 365 day journey?


So tell me, what are you getting rid of today?

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